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Third Summer School MAGNETOFON: Ultrafast Magneto-electrics

5th-8th October @ Samobor, Croatia

The School will focus on the emerging research trend of ultrafast magneto-electrics, that combines concepts and know-how from material science, magnetoelectric and multiferroic characterization, ultrafast spectroscopic methods and non-equilibrium condensed matter physics.

The COST Action MAGNETOFON aims at developing ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics, which is an emerging field that combines the ideas and concepts of opto-magnetism and spin transport with photonics for ultrafast low-dissipative manipulation and storage of information.

One of the approaches involved in this research effort relies on magnetoelectric and multiferroic materials, which is the focus of this School. The program covers, but it is not limited to: state-of-the-art techniques for the synthesis and characterization of a wide range of magnetoelectric materials (organic, inorganic, powder and crystals), theoretical advances in the description of the multiferroicity and its dynamics, recent experimental advances in optical experiments, ultrafast methods to induce dynamics of the ferroic order parameters.

The location of the School is hotel Lavic, Samobor (Croatia, 20 km from Zagreb), which can be easily reached from Zagreb airport via a private bus arranged by the School.

Attendance is free, but registration on the School website is necessary.

For more information, follow the school website