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3rd Magnetofon Summer School: Ultrafast Magneto-Electrics

Samobor, Croatia, October 2021

The School will focus on the emerging research trend of ultrafast magneto-electrics, that combines concepts and know-how from material science, magnetoelectric and multiferroic characterization, ultrafast spectroscopic methods and non-equilibrium condensed matter physics.

more information will follow shortly

2nd Magnetofon Summer School: Magnonics

Porto, Portugal, March 2022

Magnonics – the study of spin waves – continues enjoying a period of rapid growth, fuelled by the recent demonstrations of metamaterials and devices capable of data and signal processing based upon propagating spin waves (magnons). Together with the opportunity for creation of non-volatile, magnetic field controlled and re-programmable devices, the prospect of making such devices also ultrafast, i.e. operating at rates of tens of GHz or even of THz, makes magnonics ever more attractive both for engineers and physicists.

for more information see the School website

1st Magnetofon Summer School: Ultrafast Dynamics

Lisbon, Portugal, September 2019

The School will be devoted to the emerging field of ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics, that combines the ideas and concepts of ultrafast magnetization dynamics with spin transport. Particular attention will be on ultrafast processes, combining femtosecond laser excitation, spin-polarized transient currents, and all consequences thereof.

for more information see the School website