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Workshop program can be found here

Abstracts of the oral presentations can be found here

Main Workshop topics

All-optical switching/manipulation of magnetization

  • All-optical switching in ferrimagnetic alloys and multilayers;
  • All-optical switching based on inverse opto-magnetic effects;
  • Feasibility of switching via the modification of magnetic anisotropy or exchange interaction;
  • Magnetization reversal in thin film and multilayer ferrimagnets driven by current pulses

Optics of spin currents

  • Generation of controlled hot electrons using fast laser excitation in engineered multilayers;
  • Magnetization switching with hot electrons;
  • Laser-driven spin-orbitronics;
  • THz control and detection of spin currents

Ultrafast magneto-electrics

  • Inverse opto-magnetic effects and crystal symmetry;
  • Modification of key magnetic parameters: exchange and magneto-crystalline anisotropy;
  • All-optical switching in magnetic and multiferroic dielectrics;
  • Dynamics in magneto-electrics and multiferroics driven by short THz pulses;
  • Demonstration of the feasibility of electric detection of ultrafast spin dynamics in magneto-electrics.

Ultrafast opto-magnonics

  • Optical shaping of magnonic currents;
  • Electric and/or optic excitation and detection of magnonic currents;
  • Magnonic crystals and reconfigurable magnonic devices;
  • Magnonic currents generated in metals via all-optical switching

Preliminary list of invited speakers

  • Jon Gorchon, Nancy
  • Julius Hohlfeld, Nancy
  • Carl Davies, Nijmegen
  • Bert Koopmans, Eindhoven
  • Andrea Eschenlohr, Duisburg
  • Alexey Melnikov, Halle/Saale
  • Petr Nemec, Prague
  • Alexandra Kalashnikova, Saint Petersburg
  • Tomaz Mertelj, Ljubljana
  • Gerrit Bauer, Delft/Sendai
  • Rostislav Mikhajlovskiy, Lancaster
  • Evangelos Papaioannou, Kaiserslautern
  • Thomas Ostler, Sheffield
  • Jarosław Kłos, Poznań